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Actually we did not want put any human varification to download PSN codes initially.But some greedy people tried bots to get whole stock of codes at once.We have tackled two times such type of bot attack. We have lost about 600 codes in such bot attacks.So we have decided to put one human verification step to get this code.So,we have put a new paid software which must need active human involvement to download code.Sorry for inconvenience ,but we have to do this.

There are many people who are that much frustrated from fake surveys that they will not believe even this.We have got multiple request to bypass this software but we can not do that.But we also don’t want to disappoint our users.So,we have decided to give Online  psn codes .We will get these codes from our stock and will distribute you.

Only single backlog of this free codes is you will get only one 50$ code per week.Sorry but we can not give more than this to you. 

How To Apply? 


Step 1 :


Join us on our Facebook fan page.

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Share above link on TWO PSN codes generator/PSN codes/Playstation Network fan page. 

E-mail us on your facebook, twitter and google+ share link. Our server will authentify your participation.You will be given your 50$ code by e-mail with in 72 hours.Because we have about 100 – 150 application load per day.We will choose 50% of applicants as winner and will give them 50$ code by e-mail.

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Bet your luck now.!!!! 50% chance to win.

Have any problem? Contact us at
Have any problem? Contact us at
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